23 August 2007


We've got bats. After a month in the new house, we've had 3 nights interrupted by bats flying around the bedroom. I think it's fair to say that there is a roost in the attic.

I love bats; they fascinate me. L, however, does not love bats. Still, I love sleeping even more than bats, so each of the three nights, he has been the one to get up and open up the doors so the bats get out. Rather than just going back to bed, he defends the house from the bat intruder until he knows it is gone. I think next time it's my turn.

Given that we're not the sort to exterminate our web-winged friends, I think our strategy will be to wait until they migrate in the Fall and call someone in to seal up the house (it's not only that I'm lazy; the house is tall!). This will be good preventative pest control for mice as well, so worth it in the end. Ah, the joys of home ownership!