06 August 2007

Cool or Dork? Dork.

Sometimes people think I'm cool. I like to think that myself sometimes. You know, I listen to cool music, I have some cool shoes, I'm usually not too awkward when talking with people, and I have some cool friends.

But sometimes, people who think I'm cool, make the mistake of thinking that Cool and Dork are mutual exclusives, and that if I'm cool, I am definitely not a dork. These people look disappointed in me when they learn that I loved Night at the Museum, that I really like magnets, or that I still remember that a 3-5 was a straight-up home run on Will Clark's Strat-O-Matic baseball card back in the late 80s. When they inevitably discover my dork side, they are disappointed.

This is why I think it's best to let everyone know from the beginning that I am a dork. Dorks are cool, and so am I. And no one is ever disappointed in a dork that has a fabulous outfit or who gets to go the Tokyo Police Club show on Friday.

So, there it is. I get things stuck between my teeth, I sometimes snort when I laugh, and I think that this blue whale graphic is super cool. If that's too dorky for you, you have the wrong blog.