31 August 2007

Free Gift!

In all the hullabaloo about the lead paint in Thomas the Frackin Tank Engine trains, the first of a string of recalls of Chinese-made toys and other products, the company responsible for the toys, RC2, told folks who send back trains that they would receive replacement products, plus a free gift - to say sorry.

They should be saying sorry - your kids' toys had lead paint in them. Further, their recall process was painful. You couldn't take the toys back to the local store; you had to send them in directly to RC2. Further, they said at first that they wouldn't pay your postage to do so, but they changed their tune on that rather quickly. They didn't have a Canadian site to return them at first, and so they just told us northern consumers to take a hike and send our trains to the U.S.

But, they sent me my check for $6.85 USD to cover my postage, and I just got my free gift. I opened the envelope to screen the gift before I let the Kid have it, and I was disappointed to see Salty, just another Frackin Train for the set. I don't know what I expected, but I guess I was hoping for something more special - a bit of twisty track or a tunnel or something. But no, just Salty. I don't think that really covers "sorry for lowering your kid's IQ with a toxic substance," but then again, I'm no expert on etiquette.

At least we didn't have Salty before, but seriously, who needs another train?