16 August 2007

Home Again

Oh, it is so nice to be home. My Kid actually squealed when he saw me, then immediately launched into a discussion as if we'd been chatting about bagels and tricycles all along.

I'm going to try to hang onto the excitement and the inspiration of the meetings as long as I can, but I am already inundated with details for course preparation, advising, and menial things like dentist appointments and car repairs. I often wonder how other people in my discipline talk about how they work and it always seems absent of mundane responsibilities. Probably just a fiction they like to tell themselves, but I wonder if some people are really getting their domestic work done for them. Or maybe they simply refuse to cut their work day short to run to the store to find some faux costume that will make their kid feel like Diego on dress-up day (no, mom! rescue pack has one strap, not two..it's not Backpack!)

On the plus side, my teeth are clean, my inbox is back to zero, and my kid is happily drinking from a canteen at daycare. Now, on to my syllabus, hire an intern for some tech project, read a comp exam, make an appointment with the mechanic. Didn't I just tell my editor that I'd make the response to the final review of my book manuscript my top priority? I think I said it would be done by the end of the week. Okay, then, better stop blogging.