07 August 2007

Kid Day

Today I get a whole day of hanging out with my kid before I pack up for a week-long set of conferences. It feels like a rare moment, ditching daycare to play, but I guess it's not much different from what we do every weekend. Maybe we'll hit the wading pool for a special treat, though. And the playground, and the soccer field.

Kid was with Dad all weekend, giving me some time to prepare for the conference. It really worked as the perfect de-stresser. I got a ton of work done, and I also managed to finish unpacking the rest of the boxes that were still lying around from our recent move. I can't believe how much time is in a work week if you can include evenings and weekends - oh, the time I wasted when I was in grad school--it's so precious now.

Still, as much as I got done, I missed the family and now I'm turning around and heading out myself. I better load some pictures on the phone to keep me company while I'm away.