29 August 2007

Smog is bad

The air quality is bad again here this week. And don't make any mistake: when the reading on the Air Quality Index says "moderate," that means there is a visible brown haze across the city.

When the air quality gets this bad, you are supposed to stay indoors and close the windows, but when it's the 37th bad air day of the summer, it is starting to seem normal that you can see the air and that your eyes sting. Plus, it's a little tedious to stay indoors in the summer, especially when you can feel the cold, cold winter lurking around the seasonal corner.

So, yesterday I threw caution to the wind and played my Outdoor Athletic Activity regardless of the smog warning. Good thing for my team I did, as we would have had no subs if I hadn't shown up, what with it being prime cottage season. So, we played, we had fun, we didn't win the game, and we went home.

Today, I feel like someone put peanut butter in my lungs, my voice evokes Harvey Fierstein, and I have a headache.