13 October 2007

Fall is Here

Ah, the Fall. The leaves change color, the chill in the air, the letters of recommendations to write, the courses to prepare, the paper deadlines, the data collection process to organize, the book must be finished, the Kid's pants are too small, the Kid has a superhero pajama party but no superhero pajamas, the boiler needs to be turned on. Blogging suffers.

Not being able to post regularly is what made me close up shop on my last blog. Something about having that same last post just hang out there at the top of your blog for weeks on end is depressing. I knew this would happen, though, and I am not going to cancel the blog just because October is a tough month for me (note to readers: December also sucks, but in the summer, I kick ass).

RSS feeds will hopefully keep me connected to both of you who read this blog (hi Mom!), preventing you from the disappointing daily check of what's going on. If not, you're in for a lot of heartache from Prickers and Thorns.

In any case, I have been having some fun between the successive tidal waves of work that have hit me. On the weekends, family time has been extra special. Fall activities like swim lessons and music class have started, and now that the Kid is over 3, he has graduated from Parent-Tot status, which means that I'm kicked out of the pool and off the dance floor to the sidelines, from which I silently cheer him on. It's extra sweet to see your Kid being happy and successful without hanging onto your leg, and I am proud.

Also, the new neighborhood totally rocks. We are making friends and hanging out in the park down the street. Last weekend, one of the kids in the 'hood turned 3, and we had ponies to ride in the park, followed by pizza and cake. What beats that? You got me. We got some great photos, but I can't find the cable that connects the camera to the computer, so who knows when you'll ever see them.