06 November 2007

I Need Workers' Comp on my Second Shift

Wouldn't it be nice if I was on a bender after finishing my book? A trip to a private island in the Caribbean, or a 2-day spa package in the mountains? No, I haven't done any of that, because my household sank like the Titanic when I took almost two weeks off for a flurry of last-minute book finishing. Though Husband was officially in charge, the system I built to keep the house going was totally abandoned for a "don't worry, we'll get to it later" approach.

Well, "later" was the minute I finished my book, and "we" turns out to be me. Into my lap fell 7 (!) loads of laundry, a house so dirty that it might be condemned, and every dish in the house needing washed. The Kid's glasses needed repair. The dog's ear infection had gotten so bad that it went systemic, and now she's on 4 medications, twice a day (oh, and they make her pee more often -- sometimes on the carpet!) The Kid's preschool tuition had not been paid. Of course, I immediately caught a cold, as did the Kid, and Husband left for a business trip. All the chaos makes the Kid freak out, and he's having temper tantrums. Right now, it's 6:30am and he has been out of bed three times so far this morning.

We tried to think of friends in the area to help: out of town. out of town. under a deadline for work. Another friend came over for Sunday afternoon, which really helped, but in general, the long and short of it turned out to be: suck it up! And suck I did.

I think I'm just climbing out of it now, and this weekend we're converting a workshop at Cornell into a family weekend trip. I haven't had a chance to make my plans with friends there yet, but hopefully by the end of the day.